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We are a little digital agency from Wellington, New Zealand and we are on a mission to give people the tools they need to build epic businesses.

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"Everything we do at the Unicorn Factory has been a result of starting and running our own companies, talking to other business owners, experimenting (successfully and unsuccessfully) and reading. Having been in a position of knowing how hard it is to wear all hats in a business and having to learn and experiment as you go, I decided to start the Unicorn Factory as a way to save others time learning the fundamentals. For me this is an opportunity to work with other business owners on fun projects, but also a place to document the stuff that I try on a day-to-day basis."

Connor Finlayson, Founder of Unicorn Factory

How we work


Just get in touch via the form on our contact page.


I will check out what you have already done.


After reviewing what's going on I give you two hours of time to show how I work and what I would be doing with you.


If you like my approach and what us to get started, we will finalise an agreement and get started.


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"Connor works with Point Zero to help business development, through organising our marketing strategies. He has brought in and managed new clients from New Zealand, Australia & Hong Kong.  His contribution has allowed Point Zero to grow and move into new industries."

Chris Mather, CEO of Point Zero Ltd.

"Connor did the business development and sales for our hologram project with some of our overseas clients. Would definitely recommend his services"

Chris Mather, CEO of Point Zero Ltd.