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What is the Unicorn Factory?

The Unicorn Factory is a place to explore new ideas and turns those into products that impact the lives of people all around the world.

Our Ventures


Hatcher is a mixture of Google Analytics for Bars and Restaurants and Tinder for events for people in town.

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Spread is a all-in one platform for Event Managers and Marketers. Create and manage your event all in one platform.

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Connor Finlayson
May 26, 2016

Four Videos That Have Taught Me Valuable Lessons About Life/Starting A Business

Every now and then you come across a book, blog article or video that really changes your mindset in life or in business. These are four...

Connor Finlayson
May 24, 2016

Say Goodbye To All Those Tabs

We have built a tool that gets all your event marketing done on one page

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